"Plurality is at the center of my art practice. My work is informed by a richness in regards to cultural experience...."

The Art of Josué Rojas

Artist Josué Rojas is a practicing  visual creator and an educator who relishes in learning and teaching the articulation of a potent human language  –  by using art as a response and celebration, not simply to life's inequities but to its bounty as well.

"I am a Salvadoran-born American Citizen,  a Californian, a teacher. My work is informed by my bicultural and bilingual experience. Part of a continuum, my work and personal creative vision contribute to a visual heritage of creative critical consciousness."

     Investigations of identity, immigration, culture, and community weave themselves through my creative process. It is my experience that the practice of art making possesses a dialectical quality for both creator and audience. As an artist working within communities and schools (locally and abroad), I am interested in and seek to create artwork and courses that harness the dialectical quality innately found in art –– and place it in the service of the community.

Artist Diego Rivera once wrote, "an artist must be the conscience of his age." I share this view and would add that the artist can spur a critical conscience into the public imagination. If there was ever a time urgently in of need the rousing effect of conscience, and of a positive imagination, it is now. 



Stay tuned, there's more to come...