Refugee ship, capsized

My my mind and heart are with the migrants who perished in their journey for a better life and instead found their end out near the Italian Coast.

As a person who had to live through a forced migration, I am heartbroken and this tragedy strikes close.  The numbers are staggering: 700 is the low and 950 is the high estimate.

I feel that as we go forward in our collective response, nationally & internationally it is key to examine the story of migrants, the conditions in their countries of origins and to see their plight with empathy. As the causes of such mass migrations become more and more widespread due to violence, misery and  political strife. We are witnessing the dark side of globalization.

In my mind echoes the words of Edward Said:

"Our age — with its modern warfare, imperialism and the quasi-theological ambitions of totalitarian rulers — is, the age of the refugee, the displaced person, mass immigration."

-Edward Said