Money is killing me: opening



Tonight is gonna be amazing!

-- Survival in the SF Bay Area as an artist of color is #nojoke.  

Come build, learn and strategize with local artists and friends! Get gamed up for free!

Financial District SF

6pm Opening reception for

"Money is killing me."

DJ Sake Onederful playing music at 6pm with the wine and snacks.

Check out the art, say hello to our local artists.

7pm Ani Rivera talking with us about legacy of Latinx art and money in SF. 8pm we get performance from MC  Chhoti Maa, Mission stories from Norman Zelaya and revolutionary poetry from

Tongo Eisen-Martin.   Everyone invited. All ages. My USF students coming, my kids, my friends....Gonna be extra! Thanks to all the artists who are featuring their work and some who will have prints for sale. Jesus Barraza Melanie Cervantes Josue Rojas Julio Cesar Morales, at Sergio de la Torre.